Gadgets for Wine Enthusiasts

Here are some fun gadgets. Some are functional, some are silly, but all are for wine enthusiasts.

A handy wine glass holder frees up your arms, even though it is unlikely to be very busy while you are at an event casually sipping wine. It doesn’t look very manly or sophisticated, but it can be useful. At the least, it’s a good conversation starter at your wine of the month club party.
The wine saver pro keeps wine preserved and also makes it easy to pour a glass at any time. It is powered by argon gas and pours wine just like a beer tap would. This gadget eliminated the need to uncork the bottle every time a glass of wine is poured. It was made by a restaurant owner for commercial use, but also has a smaller version for home use. Maintenance costs for this device are about a dollar a bottle.

This wine cork has a hidden memory stick in it. It is a cute must-have for wine enthusiasts who are looking for wine gifts online.

This wine gadget is supposed to age your wine a year for every second that it is dispersed in the wine. Essentially, it has three purposes. Making your wine taste more aged for your own enjoyment, fooling a date into thinking you spent a lot more money on your wine bottle selection, and looking fancy-smancy pulling it out and dipping it into your wine at parties.
This attachment chills your wine in seconds and make s a great wine gift. The shell works like a thermos, keeping the inside frozen. It serves your wine at a temperature of 12 to 18 degrees Celsius or 25 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. It is made of stainless steel, which maintains the wine’s characteristics and doesn’t alter the taste.

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