Know about ring vibrators

Stimulation and having fun expanse very real part of any healthy sexual human relationship and adding spice simply brings more pleasance to the sleeping room and some partners.  With these thought in mind, we introduce the special Vibrating Ring. The ring vibrator is designed to break down over the adult male with or without a condom in target.  However if you combine this energizing and erotic sex toy on your favorite sex toys, not only are you progressive your chance at safe sex, but also adding to the already vivid feeling you get from applying your favorite sex toys.

But you must know something about this. The ring vibrator itself makes up tiny in size and won't interfere in in any case between you and your spouse; furthermore them will contribute extra stimulant to an already excited break up of your personify. The sense of this sex is designed to compliment the pleasure of sex and will benefit each partner. Each vibrator Ring is designed for single use and capable 20 minutes at one time, also it doesn't have to beat up only the base of the sex toys but also on your finger likewise.  Each of the Vibrating Rings goes with a tiny battery hidden inside the soft silicone shell, and tiny studs increased it will here in the perfect spot each time.

You no more make to be safe and staid while having sexual intercourse with your partner.  You'll find true delight anywhere you get the urge, just carry these small but oh-so-effective ruling either your pocket or her purse along with your choice of sex toys or another condoms and you will get to be ready like never mind the occasion.  The ring vibrators are one size fits completely the sex toys, and each of its singular features helps to celebrate it from traveling during sexual intercourse.

Outtakes gerald parsonson

A little diversion for your Friday morning: these are outtakes from Paul McCredie's shoot of a bach in the Marlborough Sounds by Gerald Parsonson of Parsonson Architects that appears in our current (June/July) issue. As you can see, the home is made up of two pavilions, connected at ground level but elegantly offset from one another. Seeing them again here makes us wish we were on the way there now...

On an entirely unrelated note, we're just about to upload the trailer for our Home of the Year short film series. Stand by while we sort out the tech issues...

House Designed

I'll be back on TV3's Sunrise this Friday continuing our series of tours of well-designed homes. This week, the camera crew is filming a house designed by architect Guy Tarrant in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn. Patrick Reynolds photographed it for the magazine back in 2005. It's a lovely example of how effective planning can make the most of what many would see as a far-too-difficult sloping back-section.

The home is predominantly north-facing and on one level, with one bedroom and a study located downstairs and opening onto a lawn. The living area in the image below is a single open-plan space that opens onto a terrace.

One of my favourite spaces in the house is the study, which is really a clever occupation of what in lesser hands would have been a simple corridor. You can also see in this photo how the upper and lower levels connect, via a timber-lined stairwell.
Tune into TV3 on Friday morning (I think I'll be on around 8.20am) for a full tour of the house. I'll also put up the weblink to the footage when it's available online.

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