Nautical Art

I still feel relaxed after finding mid-morning respite down on the dock at Rocketts Landing. Did you see the lounger and pillow we featured there in this month’s issue of Richmond magazine?
 Really it’s been far too hot for me to venture waterside after 11 a.m., but with the set-up we featured it’s easy to chill even in the blazing sun.

I’ve found two art exhibits that transport me waterside but without the heat. They’ve garnered my nautical interest this August.

One is the work of artist Wael Sabour on display at Page Bond Gallery at 1625 W. Main St. in the Fan.Sabour’s mixed media on paper piece pictured, Harbor, 9 (measuring 22-inches-square, $1,850 framed) continues my boat and river reverie, adding nuanced lilac and lime tones to usual blue-based watery hues. Sabour’s show remains on view through the end of the month.

Another is the gigantic Mocha Dick felt-wrapped whale by Tristin Lowe on display through Nov. 27 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It’s really a must-see.

Measuring 52-feet-long, it’s inspired by – you guessed it – Herman Melville’s epic book Moby Dick and the real-life albino sperm whale that terrorized early 19th-century whaling vessels near Mocha Island in the South Pacific. In this sculpture’s iteration, though, I find this colossal whale far more appeasing and intriguing than terrifying. Its scale and deft use of materials wow.

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